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Merry Christmas from Preston and Rudolph   I like Santa.  He's cool!  He has a guitar.
How could Santa say no?   The cutest reindeer of all
Fall Fun 2005. 

What a difference a year makes.

  Scroll down 7 photos.  I'm all grown up.
Even Michael Jordan took breaks   Leftie Hoops it Up
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Ventriloquist and the Puppet   I just can't drive 55
Let's Go!   Can I blow the horn again?
Look!!   5 Gallon Bucket of Fun
Christmas 2004   I thought I saw a reindeer 


Trick or Treat? Please Let Me Play!   


Fall Fun 2004 Find The Cutest Pumpkin in The Photo   


This is the Life! Did you know I can crawl? 


Future Tar Heel? Little Dribbler?


Baylor Game Sep-04 Baylor Game Sep-04
I'm getting cuter & cuter One of these days ... hmmm .... clothes!

Tough Guy I told you I don't ride bareback!


After my first long day at the deer lease The best hunters need their rest.

Header photo by Erin Oswalt  You can send me a note via Preston's Mom